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Computers and programming have been next to me for as long as I can remember. Fixing bugs, overclocking processors, and staying up late to solve another problem. Apart from the processors, nothing has changed in so many years. IT is not just my job. It is my life, my passion.

Throughout my career, I have worked with and spoken to many companies. Some of them were corporate and medium-sized, and others were start-ups. On the one hand, the problems they faced were completely different, but on the other hand, it was mainly about software architecture.

Poor application performance, long testing before production, high maintenance costs, and expensive feature enhancements.

This newsletter is addressed to you to reduce the risk of such issues.

Why this newsletter and not the others?

Two words - pragmatic and holistic. These describe my approach to software architecture. You can find many other newsletters, YT channels and materials around software architecture but usually they focus on one topic or, in a worse case scenario they describe silver-bullets like “My approach is way better than yours!”.

I do not want to convince you to anything. My goal is to show you trade-offs of each solution that you choose because there are always disadvantages, no matter what you select.

So, if you want to become an architect who will see these trade-offs and the one who feels the common-sense - join this newsletter and you won’t regret.

What can you expect?

There will be many different areas covered around software architecture. You can expect topics around:

  • Actionable advice for software engineers

  • Architectural patterns

  • Solution architectures - things like Onion, Hexagonal, Clean, vertical slices and more

  • Deployment strategies - topics around monoliths, microservices, serverless etc.

  • Business analysis - topics around Event Storming, Domain Storytelling, Event Modelling, Story Storming and many more

  • Infrastructure - cloud agnostic, hybrid and cloud specific approach

  • Engineering practices - pair & mob programming, swarming, trunk-based development, short-living branches, estimates (and no estimates as well), vertical slicing

When you join this newsletter, expect tons of practical knowledge - that’s my goal and I will be happy when you are happy :)

When can you expect it?

Every Saturday at 9 am CET I will send you an email describing one area related to software architecture.

Thanks for reading Fractional Architect!


Got questions? Feel free to send an email to contact@fractionalarchitect.io or reach me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jedrzejewski-maciej

Enjoy the read!

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